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Ever-Green Nematode Testing Labs, Inc.​​
36631 N 19th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Phone/FAX: 623-465-5046
Welcome to Ever-Green Nematode Testing Labs Homepage. Our company specializes in plant parasitic nematode analysis in soil, plant and root tissue, compost and water. We also do in house testing for verticillium wilt in soil and plant tissue, along with identification of phylloxe ra for vineyard management


When submitting samples for testing, please click on the box below and fill out the sample submittal form as fully as possible. It is a PDF file and can be filled in online and then printed.  Please ensure that you include your billing address, phone number and any e-mail addresses that you would like results sent to upon test completion. Also, please include your sample ID along with any previous crops grown if you have that information.  In order to get the most accurate recommendations, alway include the crop to be grown in the future or in the case of pernnial crops, the existing crop.  In the "Test" area of the form, please include the test number from the left side of the form that you require.  (ie: N1, N1A, N3, V1 etc.)