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Ever-Green Nematode Testing Labs, Inc.​​
36631 N 19th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Phone/FAX: 623-465-5046
Welcome to Ever-Green Nematode Testing Labs Homepage. Our company specializes in plant parasitic nematode analysis in soil, plant and root tissue, compost and water. We also do in house testing for verticillium wilt in soil and plant tissue, along with identification of phylloxe ra for vineyard management


Proper sampling is the key to an accurate nematode analysis.  A minimum of 200 cc. of soil (or about 2 cups) is needed for each sampled area.  Several plugs (10-20) should be taken and mixed thoroughly before separating the sample to be submitted for analysis. Listed below are a few possible sampling methods that can be used.

                          TURF                                                              ROW CROPS                                                TREES and VINE CROPS


                Sample perimeter of                                          Random sample                                            Sample at drip/root zone.
             affected area 3-6” deep.                                 Take sample at root zone.                                      Include feeder roots.


Soil nematodes are extracted by the sugar-floatation method and sieved to a 500 mesh sieve. Cyst nematode analysis is processed by double sugar-floatation and sieved to a 120 mesh sieve for adult Cysts and then to a 500 mesh sieve for cyst larva that have not yet entered the root system.  

Root and tissue samples are extracted by Maceration-Baerman funnel method or mist extraction.

Nematode results are expressed in relative nematodes per 100 cc., 250 cc., or KG of soil or in nematodes per gram of root/plant tissue. Cyst egg counts are calculated in eggs per 100 cc. or 250 cc. of soil.  Please request preferred soil volume on information sheet. 

Including the previous crop and the crop to be grown on the information sheet when available will help us to make the best possible recommendations for your growing situation.   Soil results in most cases will be Faxed or E-mailed within 24 hours of entry to the lab.  Root samples take slightly longer to process and are usually available in 3-4 days.  Verticillium results are available in 10-12 days of entry to the lab.