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Ever-Green Nematode Testing Labs, Inc.​​
36631 N 19th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Phone/FAX: 623-465-5046
Welcome to Ever-Green Nematode Testing Labs Homepage. Our company specializes in plant parasitic nematode analysis in soil, plant and root tissue, compost and water. We also do in house testing for verticillium wilt in soil and plant tissue, along with identification of phylloxe ra for vineyard management


TEST                   DESCRIPTION
                                                      Nematode Assays

N1                      Complete parasitic nematode count (Soil)
                           (All parasitic nematodes present identified to genus
                           + Lesion and Dagger nematodes identified to species)

N1A                   N1 + Species ID of Root-knot nematodes
                          (M. hapla, M. chitwood)

N1B                   N1A + Live / Dead counts
                          (Post-Fumigation) Species ID included

N1C                   N1 on Root or Plant tissue

N1AC                N1A on Root or Plant tissue

N1D                  N1 + non-plant parasitic nematodes

N1E                  Census counts to tropic group

N2                    Cyst nematode only

N3                    N1 + Cyst nematode 

N4                    Cyst + Cyst egg count

N5                    N1 on Soil  + N1 on Tissue (pkg discount)

N6                    N1A on Soil + N1A on Tissue (pkg discount)

N7                   Insect ID (Phylloxera)  Soil and Root tissue

V1                    Verticillium Wilt

​**                    Additional Species ID available on request